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About Us

Our facility would like to take this opportunity to introduce our health care clinic to you. We specialize in multidisciplinary therapy including ultrasound, pain-reducing modalities, bracing, orthotics, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, chiropractic and customized treatment programs to reduce your acute and chronic pain needs.

Treatment plans are designed by our multidisciplinary health care team or by individual practitioners to meet the individual needs of each patient. The facility is also equipped with a full gymnasium. We are a complete multidisciplinary clinic capable of providing functional restoration and our services are covered by most extended health plans. We have work hardening and conditioning in order to improve outcomes through Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and reduce the amount of productive time lost by each worker. We can also coordinate with the patient, the employer and the family doctor to ensure a return to work is safe and efficient for all. We accept all patients from complicated traumatic motor vehicle accidents to WSIB claims to minor sprains and strains. 

Let’s Work Together To Get You Back To Health

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